Teenager are always trying to do what they are forbidden to do as the nature of adolescence. Mostly 10th graders and younger in our country are seen doing wrong things and focusing on harmful stuff which even might make them fall in trap of harming adults. So if you have noticed such activities and failing grades the below mentioned will come in handy.

Problem Identification

If your teenager gets a bad grade or is likely to fail, sit down and discuss it. Ask them to help them figure out why they haven’t been attending their classes. Sometimes students who get off to a good start get off track, while other students don’t have the motivation to stay on track.
Talk to your child and check to see if any of these issues contributed to a negative vote. Sometimes teens take very challenging classes and get overwhelmed with them. If your child does not do his homework, it will be very difficult to pass the lesson. Find out if the homework isn’t completed, isn’t delivered on time, or your child doesn’t know how to do it. Some students have test anxiety or don’t know how to study for the test. If your child misses school due to illness or other problems, it can seriously affect grades. If your child is stressed, it may be difficult for him to focus and complete his work.
Mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety, often contribute to low scores. Substance use problems can also be a factor in lower grades. Escalating disorders attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning difficulties can affect focus, motivation, and comprehension and memory.

Once you have better understanding of why they are failing, sit down and correct the mistakes with your child. Discuss these ideas on how to improve their score. Sometimes simple, creative solutions can make all the difference

Do they need more organization with homework?

Some teens simply can’t afford a lot of freedom about when and where they do their work. Setting a schedule for homework can be helpful.

Do they find it difficult to remember their homework?

Disorganized teens often lose papers or forget to bring their homework. Identify strategies to help your child organize himself better.

Did they forget to write their homework?

Some teens try to remember all of their homework without the need for a homework book. Other teens forget to write their homework. Asking your child to write homework and asking the teacher to summarize it after each lesson can ensure that the assignment is written.

Do they need more help?

Many teens are afraid to ask for help because they are confused or simply do not understand, even when the teacher is trying to re-explain concepts. Staying after school to get extra help, seeing a teacher, or joining a homework club can be helpful strategies for many students.

Are they simply not motivated to do their job?

Sometimes teens don’t have much motivation to get their work done. Perhaps they have lost interest or are simply bored with a particular topic. Discuss strategies that will help motivate your child to get things done.


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