Humans have bred dogs since prehistoric times. The first dog breeder used wolves as domestic dogs. From the beginning, people deliberately brought dogs to perform various tasks. It is believed that hunting, conservation and agriculture are among the first activities carried out by the animal which has been called “man’s best friend”.

For thousands of years people have bred dogs to have the best physical and mental characteristics for their needs. The agile greyhound breed was bred to hunt fast prey, while the large mastiff breed used as guard dogs and warriors are two early examples of breeding for work. As people got smarter, so did their dogs. Finally, special dogs appeared which were brought in to meet the needs of the village and the situation of the herder. Greyhounds, for example, are a large breed of Irish sighthounds and beautiful Italian sighthounds. All three of us have differences in the family, but don’t get us wrong.

If so, when is it a breed other than a dog or a breed? The easiest way to define a species is always to say “it’s real”. This means that when a purebred Irish Setter is crossed with another purebred Irish Setter, it always produces a dog that should be immediately recognized as an Irish Setter.

The best characteristics of each animal’s body, movements and emotions are listed in a document called “Breed Criteria”. For example, the breed standard describes the characteristics that make a Cocker Spaniel a Cocker Spaniel rather than a Springer Spaniel.

AKC standards for all breeds are set by the “parent club”, a national organization recognized by the AKC and dedicated to a particular breed. When approved by the AKC, the standard becomes the breeder’s “blueprint” and the tool used by dog ​​training judges to evaluate the breeder’s work.


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