Wendessen Mekonnen Worku is an Ethiopian singer, songwriter and producer. Born and raised in Addis Ababa near Kolfe, known by her stage name Wendi Mak.
Wendi Mak has been singing since elementary school. He rose to prominence in 2015 when he released his most popular song “Min Yiterash”, which was written and recorded by popular singer Gasho Adal in the 70s. she wrote. He writes all kinds of songs, but most of his songs express his love for his country.
Wendi has been recognized and loved by many people and won many awards throughout her career.
He is respected and respected by his peers for the work he has done and the powerful words he has written. Wendi mak captured the hearts of many with her most romantic song ‘Tagebignalesh wey’ (Will you marry me) released in 2018. Romantic relationship lyrics. Some of his most memorable songs are Min Yiterash, Shi 80, Aba dama, Beweyeyet and Tagebignalesh Wey which garnered millions of views on YouTube.


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