Known for his flexible skills, good technique, unstoppable energy and great acting performances, the backup actor supports actors in the process of concerts, tours and music videos. In this show, there is work for actors from a variety of backgrounds, from actors trained at birth to parents scouted at clubs and universities. However, this does not mean that this work is generous. The world of cross-country dancing is fast-paced and competitive, and those who make it work must be dedicated to succeed.

Beginners can apply for a change of interest and specialized training, but those looking for a long-term career as a dancer should learn the four basic skills of the main genres: ballet, hip-hop, jazz and flow. When performing, backup actors are always looking for something to challenge them, whether it’s difficult moves, special moves like tap dancing or mime, or more technical skills like acting. acting or singing. In fact, when substitute actors aren’t working, they spend most of their time in class learning new skills, training well, and working to stay in shape. Ongoing professional development to avoid the risk of a back-up artist being left behind.

Most backup artists are freelancers who spend their time on the road and what they call home. Usually Los Angeles or New York. The journey is a separation. Although some people have important responsibilities that they like to have the opportunity to look into the distance, other people who hate the way of life with a decline. When not touring, most backup artists put on a show and come in any time of the day, often with a quick turnaround. This includes everything from concerts and club performances to music videos and promotions, and even some special events like weddings. What little time dancers have is often spent learning new skills and disciplines to stay sharp, flexible and strong. Proper training can prolong a substitute actor’s career, but not completely prevent injury. Therefore, it is more important for the dancer to have another means of income.

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