Color Day Makes Memorable Times

The Color Day celebration was established in 1892, is a yearly get together of students, teachers, parents, and alumni for a friendly matches and competition between 2 teams standing for Penn Charter’s school colors.

Everyone in the School Participation

Students are allocated on the Blue or the Yellow team in the kindergarten or when they get into Penn Charter & stay in that team throughout their years at the school. Colors come being handed down from our ancestors as siblings put on the same color, and as their relatives. Color Day captains who are elected by the seniors, leading the of flags onto the field to start the day’s events. Every grade compete in different races, and the day finally ends with the senior class rope pull competition.

History of Color Day

History of color day grew out of a time when school competitions was the main aim of athletics & PE at Penn Charter. In later days, school athletics and the development of the physical education curriculum process as an educational discipline have been changed by some of the original activities of Color Day. The thrill to perform, the excitement of being champions on color day are no less mandatory than 100 years ago.

A Teacher by the name Isaac Porter was the person who established a color “points system” for the Color Day in which points were awarded all of the school year for academic encouragement, public speeches, athletic letters and other honors. Any activity in the school was eligible for “color points.” These points were awarded all of the school year with the final points awarded at the last Color Day field competition, determining who the total color team winner of the year is. Due to the nightmares of scorekeeping, this system lasted only 2 years.


The true definition of Color Day is taking part in healthy competition, with an implication more on camaraderie than on which team points were the highest point totally.


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