There are reports coming out from different sources about the arrangements of the Prime minister’s office to build a brand new national palace for Ethiopia. This new national palace is expected to cost around 49 billion Ethiopian birr which makes it the second largest project of the country after the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. This project has been named the “Chaka Project”.

This new palace is going to built on 503 hectares in Yeka Sub-city, Yeka Hill. The project consists of the construction of roads, housing units, halls, artificial lakes and other necessary infrastructures.

The project will evacuate many people living in the Yeka Hill area even though this residents will be given an opportunity to build their homes on their land if the construction meets the standard requirements of the area during that moment.

The United Arab Emirates government is expected to donate some percentage of the construction cost of the palace.

Currently before the official launch of the construction the Ethiopian Roads Administration has begun to construct a 20 kilometers long road and has completed 9 kilometers of this road construction at Yeka Hill area. This construction costs around 15 billion Ethiopian birr.

After the construction of Chaka Project is finalized the Prime Minister’s office and residence will be moved there and the current Menelik Palace will be a national museum together with the Grand Jubilee that is currently being maintained with an estimated cost of 1 billion Ethiopian Birr.

After Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power a number of mega projects have been launched and since last year some of this mega projects have been completed and opened to the public such as Mesqel Square project and Unity Park project. Meanwhile other mega projects such as, Addis Ababa River side project and an underground parking which will be connected to the Unity Park and the Museum with a 60 meter tunnel, are under going a huge construction.

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