The 9th regular session of Council of Ministers was held today discussing about the 2022 federal budget and came up with a resolution.

2022/23’s budget year of the federal government, starting from the coming Ethiopian new year, is going to aim for fulfilling the plans listed on the ten year development plan such as maintaining the countries peace and security, rehabilitation of the damaged infrastructure and supporting the displaced community to get back to their homes,

attaining sustainable socioeconomic transformation implementations and reaching goals, and the 2022-2023 Medium Macroeconomic revenue which are based on the guidelines.

Based on the above mentioned plans, 347.12 billion birr is allocated for recurrent expenses, 218.11 billion birr is assigned for capital expenses,  209.38 billion birr is allocated for capital expenditure and 12.0 billion birr for sustaining the aims of the development plan. It has shown 16.59% growth as compared to the previous year which is additional 111.94 billion birr.

The 2022/23 budget of the federal government of Ethiopia was submitted to the House of People’s Representatives for approval after being approved by the Ministry of Councils without opposition.

The reassignment of Ministers by prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has reassigned ministers on different positions again as usual on today’s session of the council of ministers. This approved reassignments are mentioned as follows:

  1. Khalid Abdurahman: Prime Minister Office’s Project Monitoring.
  2. Henos Worku: Assigned Deputy Director of the Petroleum and Energy Authority.
  3. Ambassador Redwan Hussein: Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security.
  4. Wondimu Seta: Urban and Infrastructure State Minister.

Two House of Representatives were also reassigned:

  1. Mr. Abera Tadesse: Deputy Auditor General of the Federal Auditor General Office.
  2. Ms. Mesret Damte: Auditor General of the Federal Auditor General Office.


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