Monkeypox has become one of the things we have started hearing about this days and which is worrying us a bit because it is happening while we are still going through the covid pandemic. Doctors are claiming that people shouldn’t worry about this new outbreak even though we should be aware of the virus and the precautions. This article explains what you need to be aware of regarding Monkeypox virus.

What is Monkeypox Virus?

This is an illness which is contagious and viral which was first discovered from monkeys that were kept for a research in 1958. It is somehow how related to smallpox but it spreads easily and causes mild sickness.

Even though we haven’t heard of this virus it was very well known in the medical field for decades and most cases of monkeypox were reported in Central and West Africa due to contact with animals.

Signs and Symptoms of Monkeypox

Initial symptoms of Monkeypox which last a period of three days is similar with flu which includes muscle aches, fever, fatigue, headache, and swollen glands around the neck, armpits, or groin in some cases. After this initial symptoms take place it is followed by a rash which contains small bumps which gradually fill with fluid, then drain and finally forms itching.

Thankfully doctors have mentioned that, most of the Monkeypox cases are mild in people who have healthy immune system but those who have unhealthy immune system, pregnant women, or people who take medications that affect the response of the immune system should be very careful and take precautions.

How Monkeypox Transmits

Just like Covid-19, Monkeypox is spread through contact with infected animals or objects which came in contact with the virus but it spreads much slower than Covid-19 since it’s not spread easily between people.

This was observed in outbreak cases which took place in the U.S. in 2003 that was acquired from contact with infected animals imported into the U.S. from Africa and 47 people were infected but people who had close contact with this 47 people were not infected as the doctors who studied the case mentioned.

How to Protect Ourselves Against Monkeypox

The major ways we used to protect ourselves from covid-19 play an important role in protecting ourselves from Monkeypox, such as the basic principles of hygiene and illness prevention like avoiding close contact with people who are sick, washing your hands regularly, avoiding contact with sick animals, and the materials this animals came in contact with, Social distancing and avoiding being in large crowds.

This prevention mechanisms are well adopted in every society around the world as a result of covid-19 pandemic and play an important role in protecting yourself against monkeypox. So it won’t be new ways of life to adopt and get along with.

Treatment and Prevention of Monkeypox

There is no effective treatment which was proven to this day for Monkeypox but some antiviral medications are expected to react against monkeypox. Luckily most patients recover without any need of medication through the reaction of the immune system.

Doctors have mentioned how effective smallpox vaccines can be in the prevention and protection of this current monkeypox outbreak. Therefore the FDA and CDC are studying how to use this vaccines in the current outbreak.

Why We Shouldn’t Be Panicing About Monkeypox

Many Scientists and Doctors have made it clear that Monkeypox shouldn’t worry us very much but we all should be aware of the virus and how to prevent it. As we mentioned above Monkeypox is known for decades and it’s transmission have been studied very well. Similar Monkeypox outbreaks have happened before and the tools and mechanisms to control this outbreak are available. Since Monkeypox is very different from covid-19 when it comes to spreading from person to person as it causes a rash on the body and it’s easier to identify an infected person. There are also vaccines available which can be used when ever it is necessary.


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