Losing fat around our waist is what most us aim for since it is very dangerous for our health causing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, losing this fat around our waist have significant health benefits.

If circumference around our waist measures 102 centimeters for men and 88 centimeters for women it is considered abdominal obesity which is a major health risk as mentioned above. That being said if you find yourself in the mentioned condition with abdominal obesity here are a few major weight loss strategies that can help you target this belly fat.

1. Avoiding sugar-sweetened foods and drinks

This type of foods and drinks are the types which cause weight gain and affect your metabolic health (1Trusted Source).

A lot researches indicated excessive consumption of sugar sweetened foods and drinks can lead to gaining weight around the waist area of our body and our liver.

Sugar is composed of half fructose and half glucose thus when you eat excess sugar sweetened foods, the liver gets too much fructose and is later forced to turn it into fat (2Trusted Source3).

This increase in abdominal fat and liver fat leads to insulin resistance and various metabolic problems (4Trusted Source).

Our brain doesn’t register liquid calories the same way it does with solid calories, so drinking sugar-sweetened drinks makes you consume a lot of calories this makes liquid sugar worse. (5Trusted Source6Trusted Source).

When it comes to drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (7Trusted source) studies show that children 60% more likely develop obesity.

So far we have briefly explained how sugar affects our health by making us gain weight thus we must minimize the amount of sugar in our daily meal and getting rid of sugar-sweetened drinks such as sugary sodas and some fruit juices. Checking the labels of products if they contain any sugars can help us avoid such sugar sweetened foods and drinks.

2. Increasing protein consumption

Including protein in our daily meal significantly helps for weight loss since it’s an important macro nutrient.

Studies have indicated that it boosts metabolism by 80 to 100 calories in a day, reduces cravings by 60 percent and helps consume up to 441 less calories daily (8Trusted Source9Trusted Source10Trusted Source11Trusted Source).

If we are aiming for weight loss consuming protein is a significant and effective thing to consider including in our diet. Doing this major and important thing you can also avoid regaining weight (12Trusted Source).

A study proved that people who consume protein more had less fat around their waist (13Trusted Source) this makes it a particularly effective way of getting rid of abdominal fat.

Another study proved that protein consumption significantly reduced chance of fat gain around the waist for 5 years on women (14Trusted Source). This study also showed refined carbs and oils to fat around the waist and connected vegetables and fruit to reduce fat on the abdomen.

Many studies indicated that protein helps with weight loss and had people getting 25–30% of their calories from the protein they consume. This makes it a good range to give it a shot. So increase eating foods like whole eggs, fish, nuts, meat, and dairy products which contain high protein and these foods are the best sources of protein for your daily meal.

If you are a vegan and you are struggling with getting a good amount of protein in your daily meal, protein supplements like whey protein are the best and healthy ways of increasing your protein intake. These supplements can be found on different places such as online stores or drug stores.

3. Reducing carbohydrate intake

Reducing the amount of carb intake is a significant way of losing fat. This is proved in numerous amount of studies. Reducing carb intake makes you lower your appetite and lose fat (15Trusted Source).

Numerous studies have proven that diets with less amount of carb may lead to 2 to 3 times more in weight loss than meals with low fat (16Trusted Source1718). Such diets also make people see fast results within a day or two since it helps in instantly reducing water weight.

Studies showing the comparison of low fat and low carb diets imply that low carb consumption in particular reduces fat around the waist and around the liver and other organs (19Trusted Source20Trusted Source). Therefore this also indicates that some of the fat lost around our abdomen is a very dangerous fat. So avoiding carbs from candy, sugar, and bread is enough if protein consumption is kept high.

If the aim of a person is losing weight instantly, reducing carb consumption to 50 grams daily makes the body go directly into ketosis, where your body starts burning fat mainly and reducing appetite.

Example of health benefits of reducing carb diets aside from weight loss is that it can help improve the health of people with type 2 diabetes (21).

4. Increasing the intake of fiber-rich foods

Eating a good amount of fiber can help with losing fat, even though the type of fiber matters which is mostly the viscous and soluble ones that contain water and form a thick gel that sits inside our gut (22Trusted Source) reducing the movement of food in your digestive system and also slows down the digestion and absorption process resulting in prolonged feeling of fullness and less appetite (23Trusted Source).

A research showed that an additional 14 grams of fiber daily were linked to a 10% reduction of calorie intake resulting in 4.5 pounds of weight loss in 4 months of period (24Trusted Source).

One study which lasted for years showed that eating 10 grams of soluble fiber daily resulted in 3.7% reduction of fat around the waist (25Trusted Source).

The most preferred way of getting fiber is to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. The other sources of fiber are legumes,  some cereals, such as whole oats and also supplement like glucomannan.

Note: It’s very mandatory to talk to your doctor before using any supplement.

5. Regular Exercise

We all have heard how much exercise is necessary to live a long healthy life so this makes it one of the best things to do to reduce abdominal fat.

Lifting weight and cardio exercises help reduce fat all over the body. Aerobic exercises help in reductions of abdominal fat, this are exercises like walking, running, and swimming (26Trusted Source27Trusted Source).

A study showed that exercising regularly prevented people from regaining fat after losing weight, proving that exercise is significantly important in maintaining weight (28Trusted Source).

Exercise also helps in reducing inflammation, improving metabolic problems, and lowering blood sugar levels (29Trusted Source).

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