Our tongue gives signs regarding what’s going wrong in our body and our health. As an example our tongue is related to different organs in our body and it’s forms, signs, coatings, texture and coatings shows information about our body and it’s health. Therefore knowing this signs on our tongue helps us identify what is going on in our body and how to heal ourselves.

  • This are some of the signs we need to check regularly:

If our tongue is swollen it indicates Nutrient malabsorption where the edges are shaped as teeth marks. On the other hand if our tongue is very thin it is showing that we are dehydrated.

Regarding the color of our tongue we might observe different colors such as; Pink which indicates we are healthy and normal, Red which indicates fever or hormonal imbalance, Reddish-Purple which indicates some sort of sickness in our body or inflammation, Light Pink  which indicates vitamin deficiency, lack of good amount of energy intake or weak immune system.
Bad gut health and digestive issues are indicated by a coated tongue. Contamination is implied by a yellow coating on the tongue. A long-term digestive sickness is indicated by a gray or darker coating. A yeast infection is implied by a thick white coating on the tongue.

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