TPLF’s administrators has made it clear that they have a plan to make Tigray an independent country in the earlier years and as they have already named their military TDF which is the abbreviation of Tigray Defense Force. Recently some of TDF’s surrendered young men and women also mentioned why they invaded the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions which is to get access to basic goods such as food and only to fight the government forces but they have been tricked as the reverse happened and innocent civilians were killed and harmed resulting in displacement of many from their homes. They also were told that by invading neighboring regions they will make the plan to make Tigray an independent country succeed.

This teenagers claim that they have been forced to take the military training given by TPLF’s leaders and they were given misinformation about the government forces. But when they come to this neighboring areas the reverse was true making them regret this invasion that took place.

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