If you use a Samsung galaxy phone this tricks and setting will come in handy as they will improve the functionality and use of your phone. This ten tricks and settings are mentioned as follows:

  1. We all use protective screen covers to protect our screens from being broken, but this protective covers reduce the touch screen sensitivity of our phones. To avoid this lower sensitivity go to Settings> Display> Touch sensitivity> Enable. This will resolve the sensitivity problem of your Samsung phone caused by a protective cover.
  2. Most of us use different social media apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, Telegram etc on our samsung phones, while using this apps we can make our phone to capture the first message which was forwarded to us even if the sender decides to edit or delete the text they sent. This is done by going to Setting> Notifications> Advanced Setting> Notification history> On. This will help save the history of the text.
  3. If there is someone else who uses you phone and you don’t want this person to check on your calls, texts, or different apps for the sake of privacy other than the one they want to use you can adjust the following setting by going to Setting>Biometrics and Security> Other Security Setting> Pin Windows> then turn on Ask for pattern before unpinning. This will help you pin the only app on your screen so the other person can’t use any other app than the one they want to use.
  4. To increase the performance of your Samsung phones you can easily got to Setting> Battery and Device care> Three dots on the top right of the screen> Click on Automation> Auto optimize daily> turn on > select the time you don’t your phone and this will help improve the performance of your phone.
  5. As we all know most of Samsung phones have dark modes which we use at night, we can turn on this feature automatically by setting up our phone to detect the time. We can setup this by going to Setting> Display> Dark Mode setting> Turn on as a schedule> On then Sunset to Sun rise. This will help you save your eyes by adjusting the brightness of you phone automatically.

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