This is a story of a poor innocent girl called Rahel living in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who used to work as a hair salon stylist. Rahel was loved by her customers who used to come to the hair salon she used to work at. But this love and respect she gets from her customer brought her problems from her work partners as they started to envy her and do things that harmed her well being behind her back. Due to this behavior of her working partners she was forced to change the job she loved the most to a hotel waitress.

Rahel started working on her second job as a waitress in a Hotel found around Bole, Addis Ababa. Just like her first job she was loved by her customers as they started tipping her well and loving the hospitality she provided to them at the hotel she was really admired.

Not long ago the worst situation in her life happened from one of her loving customers whom she respected the most. As he insisted to give her ride to her home after her night shift which she accepted happily, and the person started changing his physical appearance into a different creature as Rahel explained in the video above. She finally managed to escape calling for help was found by one security officer who fired several gun shots to save Rahel as she was mumbling and crying scared for her life.

The security officer reported to the police and the police investigated the scenes and was not able to find anything, but Rahel is undergoing a severe PTSD and depression till the present day after this incident took place. And she currently wants people to help her get back to her former health and start working back again. We as Ethiopian should help this poor girl get back to her health through prayers and a frequent visit to a psychiatrist found in Addis Ababa.

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