TPLF wrote a letter to the African Union blaming Obasanjo for their defeat on the battle fronts. TPlf also called Obasanjo a lawyer siding for Ethiopia and that he is not a peace maker between TPLF and Ethiopia’s Leaders. The government of Ethiopia has recently announced that there will be a national discussion for the advancement of the country’s Political and Economical matters but TPLF is not included in this discussion, this fact seems to have upset these terrorist group as we can clearly see.

On this letter Tplf also mentioned that the African Union should also force the Ethiopian government to stop air strikes using drones in this war and also force them to stop entering Tigray. As the Ethiopian military already is progressing and pushing forward to Tigray to put the Tplf leaders under custody so they can be held accountable for the damages and human life losses in the country.

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