A foreign doctor was caught red handed spying on major facilities in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian security agency have caught this doctor’s illegally spying and gathering information which is far different from what a doctor should do. As the agency claimed they have been following what this doctor was doing carefully.

This doctor entered  Ethiopia 10 days ago as a bone surgeon, his name is Dr. Luis Arzola. The doctor have been circulating around Korean MGM hospital, Black Lion hospital and Minilik Hospital in Addis Ababa saying that he is there to give free service for those who are in need of a surgeon in his field. But the doctor was spying in different things as he was circulating around this hospitals in the city.

As the National Information and Network Security Agency mentioned this person was deported three days ago on December, 20th, 2021 and the information he was gathering was taken from him as he left the country.


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