After TDF launched an attack received a massive counter attack from Fano, Amhara militia and Ethiopian military the TPLF spokes person Getachew Reda and the president of TPLF Debretsion GebreMichael claimed that they are retreating according to their plan while many of their soldiers have been killed during the counter attack. Ambassador Redwan Hussien clarified that the retreat TPLF is claiming is wrong to the world with concrete evidences mentioning what happened on each battle front and the crisis TDF has undergone during the counter attack.

Ambassador Redwan Hussien also mentioned that the federal government have the right to place military forces on any area of the country to create a stable peace in the country. But the federal government has no intention to enter Tigrae and search every neighborhood for criminals except the main terrorist group leaders so that TPLF wont be a major threat for the country.

CIA also released a statement claiming that TDF has been defeated critically on many battle fields and the retreat wasn’t according to their plan as they mentioned earlier. The attempt to control the capital city Addis Ababa by TDF has ended up in severe failure.

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