Ethiopia’s new administrative map is circulating around social media today, but the government of Ethiopia hasn’t announced anything yet. The map has new ways of state arrangement and organization, along with this new map two national languages and five work languages are mentioned. The national Languages are Amharic and Oromifa. The Working languages include Amharic, Oromifa, Somligna, Afarigna, and Tigrigna. The number of states has increased from 9 to 20 on this new map. There will also be 3 major capital cities of Ethiopia including Addis Ababa according to this map.

A person who wanted to stay anonymous said that this new map has been studied for two years and isn’t just rumors circulating around social media. Even though some disagree that this will be the new map of Ethiopia, the map and the new arrangement and organization seems to resolve many complicated issues of the Country.

Most members of the house of people’s representative have accepted this map and believe it will resolve many problems. They also said it will implement a true decentralized multi national federalism to Ethiopia and the people. This will assure major growth of the countries economy in many forms and will basically resolve root causes of arguments in the political sector of the country.



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