Memihr Fiseha Molla is an Ethiopian Orthodox Priest who have been serving the Orthodox church for many years. Father Fiseha Molla is undergoing severe sickness ever since 2020 up until now, the sickness is a mystery for most including doctors the priest visited seeking medical treatment.

The sickness is making Father Fiseha Molla go through severe pain and bleeding which keeps affecting the priest go through hard times, the only solution this Father could come up with is using women’s pad and getting pain killers in the form of injections twice a month. This is because Father Fiseha Molla is unable to cover the expenses required to get the medical treatment, as the local doctors suggested to go abroad since the treatment is currently not available in the country.

Our society specially the Orthodox Christians have responsibility to take good care of their spiritual fathers in such desperate times so that the Religious Fathers can keep doing their duty for the country. So let’s come together and help our Father Memihr Fiseha Molla to get his health back and let’s keep our Father in our prayers.

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