Melake Selam Memhir Aba Abebaw Malede is the founder of this holy church of the Orthodox Christians called Zendo Asra Bata Mariam through revelation of the the Holy Spirit. 20 years ago Aba Abebaw saw a revelation while they pray at the Monasteries of Waldiba found at the Northern part of Ethiopia. The revelation was about finding a place to build God’s church and the place will cure many from their sickness and miracles will be made. So Aba Abebaw kept on praying to find the right place to build the church as the revelation. 18 years later Aba Abebaw found a place near the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. A place where there was a worshipping of a huge snake which is about 40 meters long and a wizard who makes the people around worship the snake and make them go through different rituals such as slaughtering a herd of sheep to feed this huge snake.

After finding this place Aba Abebaw was supposed to convince the people around to follow God and come to right path to save their soul. After doing so Aba Abebaw started building the church Zendo Asra Bata Mariam Which succeeded to be built as the revelation.

At the present day this church is saving people from darkness and their sickness and many miracles are being observed as people get baptized by the holy water found at the church. Testimonials of people who have been possessed with evil spirit have been saved from the darkness and man have been cured from their sickness.

Aba Abebaw is also well known among Ethiopians after he told the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia Meles Zenawe that he should confess and get his hands of this holy places as he was insulting the Monks at Waldeba when they met to discuss about a sugar factory that was to be build at the monasteries perimeter against their will. The Waldiba Monastery is a valuable place by Orthodox Religion followers as it is believed the prayers at the monastery kept Ethiopia uncolonized till the present day.

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